What is PDO Used In Thread Lift?

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PDO threads are sutures made of polymer polydioxanone (PDO). They can help lift a person’s face without a prolonged recovery or surgery. They can change the shape and contours of your face and tighten the skin where you want it to. 

At Beauty Boost Med Spa, our doctors are highly trained in Head and Neck Facial Plastic Surgery. They are also experts in advanced minimally invasive techniques. We can help you get the face of your dreams with PDO threads today!

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So, What Do PDO Threads Have in Them?

PDO is a sugar molecule made in a lab. It has been used to make orthopedic rods, screws, pins, and sutures for heart and eye surgery. 

PDO doesn’t cause allergies or immune reactions, doesn’t make scar tissue, and is entirely biodegradable. Since the body completely absorbs the PDO, the chances of problems are much lower.

How Does a Thread Lift Work?

During a thread lift, threads are put under the skin to lift sagging skin immediately and effectively. At Beauty Boost Med Spa, threads are mainly used on the face because we focus on shaping and restoring the look.

Surgery is not needed for a thread lift. When done by one of our experienced injectors, it is a minimally invasive procedure that is safe, effective, and has little downtime.

What Can It Do More For You

People love the instant lift that sagging skin gives them because it makes them look younger. But here’s what other things you can expect from having this procedure. 

Minimal downtime

The recovery time is short because the procedure is much less invasive than a facelift. Most people can go back to work quickly after the surgery.

Stimulation of collagen

The threads cause your skin to slowly make more collagen in the treated areas over a few months. You get an instant lift, and your skin gets firmer and tighter over time.

Natural Results

The thread lift can give you natural results that you can see. You don’t have to worry about looking “over-pulled” or “wind-blown” like you might after surgery.


Since there are no cuts or incisions, there are no permanent scars like there are with traditional facelift surgery.


Unlike other cosmetic procedures like Ultherapy, thread lift is a very inexpensive way to look younger.


Lifting a thread is a very safe procedure. It can even be safer than dermal fillers. Even though it doesn’t happen often, dermal fillers can sometimes be injected into blood vessels. 

This can cause skin necrosis or other serious problems. Since the threads are thin, they can’t stop blood from flowing through the vessels. Also, since the procedure is done under local anesthesia, it doesn’t have the same risks as a traditional facelift with general anesthesia.

How Long Does PDO Thread Lift Last?

Hydrolysis makes PDO threads go away about six months after the treatment. After the skin absorbs the threads, the lifted effects last another 3 to 6 months, but the results can last for two years or longer.

Even though it doesn’t last forever, the treatment is safe, and most people get a new set when the old ones start to fade. After getting a thread lift, Beauty Boost MedSpa says you should use medically prescribed skin care treatments for the best results.

PDO thread lifting is excellent for people who need a small lift but don’t want the risk, scars, or time it takes to recover from a facelift. It is also a good choice for people who can’t have surgery because of health problems like Type 2 Diabetes or heart disease.

Other Types of Threads For PDO

While PDO is the primary thread type for this treatment, other common threads may help you understand how the method works.

Mono Threads

This is a good choice for people who want to tighten their skin and have a little lifting done. Since mono threads are entirely smooth, they need a place to attach to lift the skin.

So that the skin tightens as much as possible, they are often put in a mesh-like pattern. You can make this effect with 10 to 30 threads in each area.

Cog Threads

You should use cog threads for a more significant boost. The barbs on cog threads help support sagging skin and increase the collagen you will create.

The barbs hook under the skin and give the threads a place to hold on to. They also tighten the skin even more.

Threaded Screws

One or two threads are wrapped around the insertion needle to get better results. Screw threads can give more space to the area that needs it. For a V-shaped face, these are best used to fill in sunken areas of the skin.

PDO Thread Lifts vs. Surgery Lifts

Most people see results right away from PDO thread lifts because once the threads are put into the subcutaneous layer of the skin, they start to tone and tighten right away.

Most people can see the lifting and tightening four weeks after their treatment. On the other hand, surgery facelifts can take months to heal and show results.

But most thread lifts only make a face look a little bit better. This makes the effect more subtle, so they are better for mild or moderate laxity. Facelift surgery may be the best choice for significant changes.

For an Easier Process

Thread lifts are an ideal option for people who aren’t still determining if they want to spend more money and have a more invasive procedure done. Thread lifting doesn’t involve any cuts because the threads are put in with a fine needle. 

This makes the treatment much easier and cheaper for the patient because it costs less. Facelift surgery requires a lot of sedation and can take anywhere from two to four hours. 

On the other hand, PDO facelifts usually only take half as long and only use a local anesthetic. This means that patients can drive themselves home, and most can return to work the next day.

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