How is The Skin’s Natural Collagen Stimulated?

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As we age, our body’s natural processes change and can lead to what we think of as typical signs of aging. Around age 25, our bodies start to make less collagen, which worsens as we age. 

When your body makes less collagen, your skin becomes thinner and less firm. This can cause wrinkles or skin that sags. At Beauty Boost Med Spa, there are several ways to help collagen boost production and fight these signs of aging.

Let’s look at these collagen stimulator options for your beauty guide.

All About Collagen

Even though we often hear the word collagen, we need help understanding what it does for healthy skin. Collagen is a complicated protein that our bodies make and can be found in our bones, muscles, and skin. 

It’s the building block in our bodies and keeps many of our systems together. Collagen lives in the dermis, the middle layer of skin, giving the skin its shape and firmness.

So, How Does Collagen Make Your Skin Better?

People often think of skin with high collagen levels as “young” because it is firm, smooth, 

soft, and glows. Collagen not only gives the skin its shape but also keeps the skin moist and helps the skin stay healthy and repair itself. Collagen levels are directly linked to how flexible and full the skin is.

When our bodies make less collagen, our skin is less bright and more fragile. This also causes more wrinkles and less flexibility in the skin. Even though this is a natural process, the environment can also affect how collagen is made. 

Collagen levels go down when you get too much sun, smoke, or overeat sugar, which can worsen signs of aging.

What Affects The Collagen?

Minor changes to how you do things daily can help reduce these signs of aging and sometimes even increase collagen levels. 

You can lessen the signs by using more vital sunscreen or less sun exposure. A healthy diet full of lean protein, fiber, and oils high in fatty acids can also help your skin stay healthy. 

Treatment Offers at Beauty Boost Med Spa

At Beauty Boost Med Spa, we know that taking care of your skin suits your appearance and confidence. At your first appointment, we should mention your health and habits, so we can figure out the best way to treat you. 

We may suggest that you make small changes to your diet or skincare routine to improve your health, but we also know that everyone’s skin and life are different. So, we are proud to offer a wide range of collagen-stimulating treatments for both men and women.

These treatments can help increase the protein levels in your skin while fitting your lifestyle and goals.

Our Collagen Stimulator & PRP

The idea behind PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is that the body can heal itself. This procedure is often done at the same time as microneedling. It uses your blood to speed up healing and stimulate collagen.

With PRP, a high concentration of the patient’s plasma, a type of blood full of growth factors, is used to help micro needling-caused wounds heal faster or stop hair loss. For the procedure, a physician will put a tube of your blood into a centrifuge to separate the platelets. 

When the platelets are activated, they release growth factors that help repair cells grow and multiply in the area where they are injected.

This facial has become more popular in the past few years because Kim Kardashian is known for getting them. Microneedling is also often used as an anti-aging treatment to keep skin looking perfect, with or without PRP.

So if these matters interest you, here’s what you can try with our signature collagen stimulator treatments. 

Collagen Boost – Sculptra

Per Vial (1-2 vials per treatment)

  • Minimum 3 treatments recommended
  • Includes free follow-up for 6–8 weeks.

Bundle Pricing

  • Prices for treatments can be bundled. For more information, please talk to our service providers.
  • PRP hair restoration with a follow-up in 4-6 months.
  • PRF Injections 

PRP Facial with Microneedling 

Comes with four ampules of Biopelle Tensage Growth Factor Serum, a numbing cream, and a follow-up in 1 month.

Bundle Pricing

  • PRP Microneedling Facelift (3 Treatments)
  • PRF Injections (5 Treatments)
  • PRP facial and a PRF injection (3 Treatments)
  • PRP Hair Restoration (5 Treatments)

Smooth Threads

We recommend at least three treatments for texture, tightening, and sagging skin. Smile lines, accordion lines (fine lines on the cheeks), under the chin, and horizontal lines on the neck also need work.

Natural Ways For Collagen Boost

Eating foods with vitamin C and antioxidants, not smoking, drinking less caffeine, and keeping your skin out of the sun may all help you keep collagen or make more of it.

Does Collagen Tighten The Skin? 

When a person is younger, their body makes more collagen, which is a good protein. The skin is more flexible when there is a lot of good collagen in the body.

Again, as we stated above, as people age, their bodies make less collagen, which makes their skin look looser. Skincare products might help make the skin tighter.

But still, they probably won’t make a big difference. So, why not visit your trusted healthcare provider for the best results? 

Find Peace Within a Collagen Skin

Call us immediately to set up a consultation and figure out the best way to treat your skin. Our expert staff will help you develop a plan that works for you. 

See you here at Beauty Boost Med Spa for more future aesthetic goals! Good luck, and we wish the best for you and your skin!


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