PRF Injections for Stomach Lines: A New Treatment You Will Love

The slim tummy of a Woman with holding hands | Get PRF Injections in Beauty Boost Med Spa at Newport Beach, CA

Attention, Beauty Boosters: You can get rid of the crepey lines on your stomach with PRF! Yes, that’s right. Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) injections can effectively treat your stomach lines. For those who aren’t yet familiar with PRF, this treatment uses your body’s own platelets and growth factors to enhance the appearance of your stomach or […]

Tech Neck Troubles? How to Finally Get Rid of Those Pesky Lines

The neck of a Lady | Get rid from Pesky Lines in Neck in Beauty Boost Med Spa at Newport Beach, CA

Grooves on your neck have never been groovy. Unfortunately, many of us today are getting deep grooves in our necks at young ages because we spend so much time looking at our phones and laptop screens. The natural aging process only adds to those annoying neck lines. At some point, cleansers, serums, and moisturizers just […]

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