Are Filler Boosts Temporary? Understanding Longevity and Maintenance

Filler-Boosts -By-Beauty-Boost-Med-Spa-in-Newport-Beach-CA

Dermal fillers, often affectionately known as “boosts,” are the not-so-secret secret to achieving a smoother, more youthful appearance. These gel-like substances, typically composed of hyaluronic acid, work their magic by adding volume where it’s needed most. Whether it’s plumping up lips, smoothing smile lines, or restoring cheek contours, dermal fillers are designed to turn back […]

Yes, You Can Get Fillers Dissolved… Usually

A lady holding fingers on her lips | Get to know more about Fillers in Beauty Boost Med Spa at Newport Beach, CA

Oops! You got a filler, but it didn’t turn out the way you hoped. You’re worried — will you be stuck with this appearance for months or years? We have good news for you: Most fillers can be dissolved! If you don’t like your post-filler appearance, you can get it back to where it used […]

How to Get a More Defined Jawline and Chin

Beautiful lady with a cute and pretty look | Get a defined Chin and Jawline at Beauty Boost Med Spa in Newport Beach, CA

Many people today would love to have a sharper, more defined jawline and chin. If this is you, we have good news! Dermal fillers, Botox, Kybella, and surgery are all options that could help you get the well-sculpted appearance you want. Here’s a brief guide to the most popular chin and jawline enhancement treatments and […]

Eye Filler Before and After: Real Patient Photos and What to Expect

A Lady looking dull eyes in mirror | Get Eye filler on Beauty Boost Med Spa in Newport Beach, CA

Are you tired of people asking you if you’re tired all the time, even when you get plenty of sleep? There’s a good chance you have dark circles or deep hollows under your eyes — and that you’d like to get rid of them. Some people naturally have more noticeable dark areas or hollows under […]

Tech Neck Troubles? How to Finally Get Rid of Those Pesky Lines

The neck of a Lady | Get rid from Pesky Lines in Neck in Beauty Boost Med Spa at Newport Beach, CA

Grooves on your neck have never been groovy. Unfortunately, many of us today are getting deep grooves in our necks at young ages because we spend so much time looking at our phones and laptop screens. The natural aging process only adds to those annoying neck lines. At some point, cleansers, serums, and moisturizers just […]

Dermal Fillers Before and After See Why We Love Fillers

Portrait of A Smiling women in sunny background | Dermal Fillers in Beauty Boost Med Spa at Newport Beach, CA

At Beauty Boost, we think dermal fillers are one of the best inventions of the 20th century. With just a brief injection session, you can subtly or dramatically enhance your face to create the appearance you want — no surgery required! Many people love the freedom to create the results they seek with minimal risks […]

Why We Love Botox Lip Flips: The Tiny Treatment That Makes All the Difference

Smiling lady touching cheeks with her hands | Botox Lip Flip in Beauty Boost Med Spa at Newport Beach, CA

Frustrated with your tiny upper lip? Tired of your gums being exposed when you smile? You may be a great candidate for a Botox lip flip. This quick, non-invasive procedure is a great way to get visible results with minimal fuss. Introducing the Botox Lip Flip A Botox lip flip is a quick aesthetic treatment […]

Where Dermal Fillers Create the Best Cosmetic Outcome

Curly hair lady smiling pleasantly | Dermal fillers in Beauty Boost Med Spa at Newport Beach, CA

Some people have naturally smooth skin and well-defined jawlines, but the rest of us need a little boost to achieve the appearance we’re looking for. That’s what dermal fillers are for.  Dermal fillers allow you to create a natural-looking change in nearly any part of your face without surgery, as long as the fillers are […]

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