What is The Difference Between a BBL and Sculptra?

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Have you ever heard something about BBL and Sculptra? If you want bigger, lifted buttocks, going to the gym can take years to get what you want. But even if you work out and lift weights for years, your body may not be able to give you the results you want. 

As we say, the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is one of the most popular ways to improve your backside through cosmetic surgery. But how does it differ from Sculptra?

Today, the Beauty Boost Med Spa is here to guide you through the differences between this effective treatment. Even though this procedure is standard, not everyone can do it! So check out more details below. 

Your Buttocks

Butts that hang down or sag are one of the most common problems women of all ages worry about. As our culture becomes more interested in the buttocks, women are looking for tight, firm buttocks that still have the right amount of thickness. 

Unfortunately, getting the perfect butt on your own can be challenging, and the problem worsens as you age. The gluteus maximus, the primary muscle in the area of the buttocks and thighs, is essential to getting the perfect buttocks.

Like any other muscle, the gluteus maximus gets stronger, bigger, and firmer when you work it out and eat right, and it gets weaker and smaller when you don’t. 

When the gluteus maximus is weak, the buttocks sag and lose their shape and tightness. A big thing that makes it hard to keep a healthy gluteus maximus is sitting for a long time every day.

 Fat builds up in the buttocks when we sit for a long time every day, making them less firm and shaped. The butt lift helps people undo the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, aging, and genetics that may be causing their butts to look less than perfect. 

The goal of butt enhancement procedures is to shape and contour the butt, tighten it, and (if needed) add volume to it.

Facts About Both Treatments

Many people decide against the BBL because it is a medical procedure with a lot of waiting time. But is there something else? Once upon a time, Sculptra, a dermal filler approved by the FDA, was only used to add volume to the cheeks and other parts of the face. 

Sculptra is used instead of the BBL because it doesn’t hurt the skin. Which one is better? That’s the question.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

The BBL is a two-step procedure that uses fat transfer to change the size and shape of the buttocks. Liposuction removes fat from the hips, abdomen, lower back, or thighs. Then, this fat is injected into the buttocks to give them more shape and volume. 

Depending on the look you want, this process can take anywhere from one to four hours. Compared to getting implants, the BBL gives you great natural results.

But this procedure has some adverse side effects. There are always risks after surgery, no matter what it is. Some of these are:

  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • A lot of pain and suffering
  • When blood clots,
  • Fat embolism
  • Problems with the heart and lungs

After your surgery, you will need much time to rest and get better. Depending on the person and the type of surgery, it can take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks to get better after surgery. 

During this time, you can’t sit or sleep on your back for the first two weeks. 

At least for the first week, you can’t do anything physical. By week two, you can slowly start returning to your routine. This doesn’t include exercise because you can’t do that for the first 6–8 weeks.

You are also told to take at least two weeks off work, making someone think twice about getting this done. Also, you shouldn’t stretch the area around your buttocks for the first three weeks after the surgery. 

Due to the stitches and the time it takes to heal, you can’t put the area underwater for the first four weeks. Recovery is known to be hard on the body, which is why many women look for less invasive options.


The Sculptra butt lift is an alternative to surgery that adds volume and lifts the buttocks without cutting them. Sculptra is a type of filler that encourages your skin to make more of its collagen. 

This helps restore the structure and add volume to areas that have lost them. This procedure fills the buttocks by getting your body’s collagen to grow. The results are long-lasting and look natural.

When Sculptra is done, a poly-lactic acid-based filler is injected into the back to add volume. Sculptra is only for you if you want to add a little volume and completely change the shape of your body. It looks more natural and can last between 5 and 7 years.

Some of the things that Sculptra does well are:

  • Fix buttocks that look flat or saggy.
  • Shape and circle the buttocks
  • Get rid of bumps and cellulite
  • Restore lost volume

One of the best things about getting a butt lift with Sculptra is that you don’t have to take time off. The procedure takes about 30 minutes, and there may be some minor bruises where the injections are given. 

Most doctors say you should get three Sculptra treatments every four weeks for the best results.

Try Our Treatment at Beauty Boost MedSpa

The choice of doctor is essential to a successful butt enhancement procedure. Beauty Boost MedSpa has some of the most experienced, qualified, and patient-centered doctors for your Sculptra butt lift needs.

We have given Sculptra butt lifts to many patients, so we know how to meet your specific needs. At Beauty Boost MedSpa, we want to help you reach your goals. Call us today and ask about our Sculptra butt lift procedure to find out how we can help you get your best buttocks.

If you want to explore more, we also have Kybella, Collagen Stimulator, and Boost Fillers treatments! 


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