Here at Beauty Boost, we believe skincare should be #1 and should complement the beautiful results that Botox and filler can provide, because at the end of the day, if your skin doesn’t look healthy or radiant, neither will your results! Therefore, we’ve tested and tried the top medical-grade skin care lines on the market and found that certain products from ZO Skin Health, Skinbetter Science, and Skin Medica provided the best evening of skin tone, skin texture, anti-aging and more! Our skin care experts have studied these products down to the molecular level to understand which ones would work best for your skin type. This is why we offer customized skin care regimens as a service with a 6 week complimentary follow-up to ensure your results by comparing your before and after photos! Learn more about our top skin care lines here:

ZO Skin Health

ZO Skin Health products are created through the power of science and the devoted attitude of a certified dermatologist. Dr. Zein Obagi has pushed the limits of medical-grade skincare and brought it to customers worldwide. Science and research delivers a new perspective to skincare.

ZO has a comprehensive answer for supporting healthy skin no matter what your age, skin type, ethnicity, or skin conditions. Products are developed to correct sun damage, pigmentation issues, containing problems, and protecting against damage. Using ZO products, your skin health is protected.

SkinBetter Science

These award-winning creations are backed by a diverse team with years of experience in clinical analysis and development (in powerhouse products like Restylane® and Dysport® ) and promoted by a continued dedication to the study of skincare science and new technologies.

Skinbetter products are purposefully created and only available through authorized providers. This model helps physicians and consumers by establishing real patient-practice relationships.

Skin Medica

SkinMedica® was established by pioneers in the science of skin rejuvenation. Our co-founder, the well-known dermatologist Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick, had the vision to create a better way to delay the aging process and unlock the full potential of the skin to heal from within; and in 1999, the groundbreaking scientifically based skincare line called SkinMedica® was born.


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Customized Skincare


Regimen of medical-grade skin care products customized to your skin type.


Includes products that are customized to your skin type and skin care goals. Includes a 6-week follow-up with before and after photos to ensure results.


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