How Do You Maintain Skin Health?


Unsurprisingly, skincare is a billion-dollar industry, with people constantly searching for that magical remedy to achieve the best possible skin. In this blog, we will explore the intricacies of skin health, why it’s crucial for your overall well-being, and how you can maintain it effectively. Whether you’re seeking to address specific skin issues or want […]

What to Expect When You Start a Retinol Skincare Product

Lady with curly hair and smiling pleasantly | Retinol Skincare Product at Beauty Boost Med Spa in Newport Beach, CA

PA Heather tells patients there’s one ingredient everyone should have in their skincare regimen, no matter how old they are: a retinol. Retinols are one of the most effective skin treatments if you want to build collagen, stop acne, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and even out your pigmentation. While we’re seeing products with retinol […]

Moisturizers vs. Hydrators: Do You Know the Difference?

Portrait of products boxes | Beauty Boost Med Spa in Newport Beach, CA

If you’re not super tuned in to the world of skincare products, you probably don’t know the difference between moisturizers and hydrators. They sound like the same thing, don’t they? Both kinds of products are marketed with similar words, and both are supposed to help keep your skin plump and healthy-looking. But contrary to popular […]

Strengthening Skincare: How to Keep Your Skin Clear and Moisturized

Portrait of Smiling ladies | Strengthening Skincare in Beauty Boost Med Spa at Newport Beach, CA

We see a lot of patients who want to know how they can strengthen and improve their skincare. At the mild end, many patients deal with dryness, flakiness, pimples, or some combination of all three. Other patients struggle with inflammatory issues like rosacea or dermatitis. If you have generally sensitive skin or have been experiencing […]

How the ZO 3-Step Peel Transforms Your Skin and Creates a Healthy Glow

A Woman smiling and holding her face | Get Zo 3-step Peel treatment in Beauty Boost Med Spa at Newport Beach CA

Do you feel like your skin needs a little beauty boost beyond your regular skincare regimen? The ZO 3-step peel could be just what you need: a medical-grade, long-lasting skin treatment that refreshes and rejuvenates your face. We love this peel, and we think you will too! What is the ZO 3-Step Peel? The ZO […]

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