FAQ: The Most Stressful Part of Working at a Newport Beach Med Spa

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One of Anisa’s most frequently asked questions is about the most stressful part of her job. The question brings back memories of when she was just starting out in her med spa practice.

Doing it All Herself

When Anisa opened Beauty Boost Med Spa in Newport Beach, she was a one-woman show. She didn’t just provide the medical procedures and other tasks that you might expect of a DNP. She greeted the patients when they walked in, got them set up in a room, did the consultation, presented the treatment plan and quote, set up the equipment, took before and after pictures, cleaned up, and did the follow-up visits. She was part of every aspect of her patients’ experience.

Today, Anisa still works hard at Beauty Boost. She answers texts at all hours of the day to ensure complications don’t happen and patients are satisfied with the results. But now Anisa has help from her outstanding medical assistant, Jovana.

Looking back, Anisa says doing all of the work in the beginning made her stronger. While she didn’t have to do everything on her own, she believes seeing the beginning to end of every process helped her hone her skills and become a better clinician.

Anisa’s Advice for Managing Stress

Doing it all yourself means giving a lot, and it became exhausting for Anisa at times. As a committed business owner and the youngest person to obtain a DNP degree in the nation during her graduation year, Anisa understands the importance of taking care of yourself better than most. She believes it’s extremely important for medical providers and anyone else who is constantly giving to take time for whatever makes them happy.

It’s easy to feel guilty about taking time for yourself. But Anisa advises that taking time for fun and relaxation at least once in a while is critical to your health. Think about the standard instructions for putting on oxygen masks on airplanes: take care of yourself first so you can take care of others more effectively.

Everyone has different stress relief techniques. For you, it might be vacations, yoga, girls nights out, or something entirely different. Many people find that spending time with friends or family is the best way to keep stress down.

Feel free to experiment and find out what helps you relax! The important thing is to find time for happy, joyful activities that take your mind off the stress.

Whether you’re working hard in a competitive business, pushing through a challenging academic program, or caring for a family, stress relief is vital to achieving your goals. If you are happy yourself, those you are caring for and working with will be happier as well.


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