How to Get Pillowy Lips in Time for Valentine’s Day

Different colors and types of Lips | Get lip fillers in Beauty Boost Med Spa at Newport Beach, CA

Plump. Glossy. Youthful. Who doesn’t love the look of perfectly pillowy lips? Especially when it’s the season of red lipstick and kissing! With today’s lip filler techniques, pillowy lips are easy to create in a brief lip filler session with little downtime.

Learn how a simple lip augmentation can replicate the effects of lip liner, lip gloss, highlighter, and lip contouring all without the daily fuss of makeup.

Defined lips

With age, the natural edge of our lips becomes less crisp with more lines and a reduction of collagen in the skin. Lip fillers can help redefine that edge, making your lips look more even, pronounced, and plump.

The best part is that you don’t need any more lip liner! With a quick and targeted lip injection, your lipstick is less likely to bleed. You will save money on unnecessary lip liner products, as well as valuable time you would otherwise use to apply daily makeup.

Glossy lips

When you look at anyone under the age of 10 years, especially babies, you see plump, moist lips because younger bodies naturally produce a lot of hyaluronic acid. With lip fillers, small amounts of hyaluronic acid filler can be used to bind water to the mucous membranes and give you the same younger-looking and naturally glossy lips.

By carefully selecting the area of the lip injection, like around the Cupid’s bow or upper portion of your lips, we can create the same kind of effect as applying lip gloss… without the sticky application.

Highlighted lips

Before and After Lip boost Treatment | Beauty Boost Med Spa in Newport Beach, CA

Similar to creating glossier lips, lip fillers can also be used in the Cupid’s bow region to help lips look fuller and more youthful. As you age, this area naturally flattens, so to help restore its shape, a simple injection can do the trick.

With any injection or cosmetic augmentation, you want to have balance in your facial features. Besides receiving fillers to make your lips look more voluminous, an injection in the Cupid’s bow will help ensure the lip isn’t unnaturally straight across, while an injection in the chin will help bring the lower lip forward.

Pillowy lips

The quest for perfectly pillowy lips is all about balance and proportion. Ideally, the lower lip should be up to a third larger than the upper, and it should be slightly depressed in the center and more pillowy on the sides. Rather than just adding volume, lip injections can define the lip edges, highlight the bow shape, and give a glossy effect.

Here is an educational video of our own PA and DNP at our Newport Beach medical spa showcasing how we can give a pillowy lip with a customized lip injection. This is what we like to call a ‘lip boost’.

Your perfect lips

Remember, lip fillers are customized to the person’s face and beauty desires. Depending on the shape of your face, chin, and nose, a properly trained nurse or physician’s assistant will recommend the best course of lip injections to ‘boost’ your natural beauty. Consultations are always necessary and free for those who want to learn more about receiving lip injections.


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