Eye Filler Before and After: Real Patient Photos and What to Expect

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Are you tired of people asking you if you’re tired all the time, even when you get plenty of sleep? There’s a good chance you have dark circles or deep hollows under your eyes — and that you’d like to get rid of them.

Some people naturally have more noticeable dark areas or hollows under their eyes than others. There are all sorts of reasons why you may have them. Under eye circles, hollows, and bags are common features that nearly everyone will get at some point as they age, but they can also show up because of allergies, exhaustion, or genetics.

If you dislike your under eye appearance, you are far from alone. Many people prefer to have a brighter under eye area, and dark circles can be seen as an (often false) sign of poor sleep habits. People who have them often try to cover them up with concealer, creams, and other products.

But sometimes makeup just doesn’t do a good enough job. Besides, you’d probably love to save a little time in your morning routine.

If you are tired of people asking you if you got enough sleep last night, or just want to feel a little more confident, under eye filler can help. Eye filler can create natural-looking changes that make you look more refreshed and youthful.

Eye Filler Before and After Pics

Here are some real patient photos to give you an idea of what eye filler can do for you.

How Eye Filler Works

Eye filler or under eye filler is a nonsurgical treatment for patients with dark circles or deep hollows in the “tear trough” region of the face. For this treatment, a highly trained professional will inject a filler material like Restylane-L or Juvederm Volbella XC in the under eye area to create natural-looking volume and a smoother appearance.

Under eye filler works to counteract volume loss in the cheek or mid face. The results can last up to a year, but you can get periodic touch-up treatments to maintain your results as long as you want.

Preparing For Your Eye Filler

Before your eye filler treatment, you will need to stop by your favorite med spa for a pretreatment consultation. You and the provider will discuss your situation, goals, and the best treatment options for you.

A consultation can also help you better understand the eye filler procedure and recovery process. If you’re looking to learn whether eye filler is the right choice for you, we encourage you to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. Your consultation fee can be applied to your service if you choose to move forward.

What to Do After Your Appointment For Best Results

After your eye filler appointment, your medical provider may give you an ice pack that you can apply to the treatment area. You may experience minor temporary side effects after the treatment, like redness or bruising, but these should clear up quickly.

Your provider will likely ask you to schedule a follow-up appointment to assess the area and determine whether an additional filler injection is needed. Sometimes it takes more than one round of injections to see a patient’s ideal results.

FAQs About Eye Filler

How long does it take for a tear trough filler to settle?

Under eye fillers usually settle within a couple of weeks, often faster. You can see your final results much faster than you would with an invasive procedure.

How long does under eye filler last?

Under eye fillers can last different amounts of time depending on the person’s body chemistry and the particular filler. However, you can generally expect hyaluronic acid fillers like the kind we use at Beauty Boost to last up to a year.

How much does under eye filler cost?

At Beauty Boost Med Spa in Newport Beach, CA, we provide eye boosts for $900 as of this writing. Each treatment comes with numbing cream and a 2-week follow-up appointment.

Sign Up For an Eye Filler Consultation

Ready to find out whether eye filler is the right choice for you? Set up a no-obligation consultation with Beauty Boost today. Our treatments are carried out by the most qualified nurse practitioners and physician assistants, and you can rest assured that our service is safe, discreet, and professional.


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