What Happens to My Lips After My Lip Filler Breaks Down?

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So, you’ve had a filler injected to achieve pillowy lips, or you’re thinking about getting your lips augmented. You’re worried about what will happen when the filler breaks down. Will your lips go back to their normal shape? Or will they become lopsided and misshapen as the filler breaks down?

Thankfully, you have less to worry about than you may think.

A Cosmetic Injector’s Answer:

Over the next six to eight months after your lip filler is injected, your lips will slowly decrease in size and fade back to their original shape. The filler will metabolize fairly evenly, so you should never experience a malformed appearance.

This is true for any nonpermanent lip filler, including Juvederm Ultra, Ultra Plus, Vollure, Restylane Refyne, Defyne of Kysse.

One catch, however, is if your lips are over-expanded or over-filled with filler. This can lead to the lips overstretching and compromising the skin integrity leading to wrinkly, deflated lips. At Beauty Boost Med Spa, we do not push the limit with lip fillers and often times encourage patients with full lips to reconsider enhancing their natural volume. Lip fillers are meant to replace volume that is loss or help reshape a lip, not overfill!

Give Yourself the Best Lip Filler Results

Of course, all of this is assuming that your lip filler has been injected correctly. You should always get lip injections from a qualified medical professional who is aware of any prior treatments you have had to avoid negative results.

At Beauty Boost, lip fillers are carried out by highly-qualified and trained injectors such as our doctorally-prepared nurse practitioner and physician assistant. Each treatment begins with an initial consultation at our Newport Beach med spa in which we will carefully examine your face and ask detailed questions about your goals.

Set up an appointment today so you can look forward to a safe, discreet, and personalized lip boost.


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