Strengthening Skincare: How to Keep Your Skin Clear and Moisturized

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We see a lot of patients who want to know how they can strengthen and improve their skincare. At the mild end, many patients deal with dryness, flakiness, pimples, or some combination of all three. Other patients struggle with inflammatory issues like rosacea or dermatitis.

If you have generally sensitive skin or have been experiencing more skin issues lately, it’s important to cultivate skin resilience and strength. Today we want to discuss some of the best solutions and skincare ingredients for people with a variety of skin challenges.

What Causes Problematic Skin?

We all go through periods where our skin is more sensitive than usual. There are a number of external factors that can make your skin more sensitive, like temperature changes, UV light, wind, smoke, and pollution. If you have a more sensitive skin type, your skin may react even more to these factors.

Our skin also often reflects the problems going on inside our bodies. If you have a lot of stress, a poor digestive system, or a sluggish liver, those problems may show up in your skin until they are resolved.

Sometimes sensitive skin is caused by something in your diet, medications, or skincare regimen. If you are getting sudden rashes, for example, you may be experiencing an allergy or contact dermatitis. A change in diet or skincare regimen could be all you need to get your skin to calm down.

Some patients have extra sensitivity because of a skin condition like rosacea or dermatitis. If your skin is perpetually flushed and you notice frequent blushing, expanded surface capillaries, or tiny pus-filled bumps, you may have rosacea. Itching, scaling, and dead skin buildup are often signs of dermatitis.

Skincare Ingredients to Look For

There are several skincare ingredients that can help you exfoliate and rebuild the dermis and epidermis when the skin is sensitive. Here are some of our favorites:

Beta Hydroxy Acids

Beta hydroxy acids are an excellent exfoliant for people with sensitive skin types. They are not as irritating as alpha hydroxy acids, have natural soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, and can stay on the skin surface longer.

We often recommend beta hydroxy acid products for people with acne, breakouts, or congestion-prone skin. This ingredient gets deep into the pores to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum, so they do a great job of exfoliating oily and sensitive skin types.


Retinol and retinaldehyde can help thicken the skin and make it more elastic. These ingredients exfoliate superficial dead skin off the surface and help layer the building blocks of the skin in a better form, which creates more cellular regeneration and cohesion. You can find some retinol products over the counter, but medical grade or prescription strength products tend to be more potent with better results.

Retinols can cause some irritation to the skin at first because of the accelerated cell turnover of the skin, but the end result is worth the wait!

Stem Cell Growth Factors

Stem cell growth factors from natural or synthetic sources are another ingredient that can help increase your skin’s resilience. They can help your skin build collagen by inhibiting the production of collagenases. Your skin will be more hydrated and less rough.

Growth factors work by sending your skin cells commands to repair and rejuvenate. They can effectively temper inflammation and help your cells slough off at a healthier pace, leading to clearer pores.

Epidermal Growth Factors

Epidermal growth factors are another type of growth factor found in some of the top skincare products. These are proteins that support cellular renewal. They effectively teach your cells to regenerate, revitalize, and use their internal mechanisms for repair.

Botanical Ingredients in Skincare

Flower extracts in a variety of products like chamomile, purple coneflower, cornflower, edelweiss, and green tea can strengthen the skin without irritation. Flower acids infuse antioxidants and can be calming for your skin.

We especially recommend green tea products for rosacea and sensitive skin. They can dramatically reduce the tendency for redness and irritation in these skin types, and you can start to see improvements very quickly.

You can find a lot of these ingredients in our favorite skincare products from brands like ZO Skin Health and skinbetter science®. At Beauty Boost, we often put patients with skin issues on a customized skincare routine with these products.

Ready to Revitalize Your Skincare?

At Beauty Boost Med Spa, we help patients find the best possible skin treatments and products for their unique skin. We have helped many patients create customized skincare regimens that dramatically improve their skin health.

Contact us today for a consultation on how to improve your skin and bring out your natural beauty.


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