Our Top 3 Treatments For a Stunning Summer Body

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Summer is a great time to meet up with friends, take vacations, go swimming, and enjoy a bit more sun. It’s also a season when we tend to show more skin, which can make us worry more about our appearance.

If you don’t love the way you look, you may be interested in a few cosmetic treatments to get that bikini body and a selfie-friendly profile. These are our top three recommended treatments for summer.

Sculptra Butt Treatments

Who doesn’t want to have a beach bum in the summer? Sculptra is a biostimulator that lets you boost your body’s production of natural collagen in areas like the buttocks. It’s a great way to get a more toned, taut, firm, and volumized butt.

One of the best things about Sculptra butt treatments is that there’s no downtime and no need for butt pillows like after certain surgical treatments. It’s been around for almost 20 years and is FDA-approved for the face, so it’s a very safe treatment.

Your Sculptra results will last a very long time, so you can continue to enjoy your new appearance long past the end of the season and year. The collagen that you grow from Sculptra treatments can last over five years, and the product itself lasts 2-3 years.

Sculptra isn’t going to take you from a flat butt to Kim Kardashian, but it does create a noticeably tighter, firmer, perkier butt. Adding volume in the right place gives you lift and draws the eye up. You will notice a difference in how you look in jeans and shorts. This is a great treatment for changing how you look in summer outfits!

If you feel like your butt could use some spot treatment, don’t have enough body fat for a BBL, or just want to take your butt from good to great, Sculptra could be a great choice for you. It works for almost anyone who wants to modify their butt.



Hyperdiluted calcium hydroxyapatite, or Radiesse, can be an amazing treatment for skin tone, texture, and smoothness in certain parts of the body. You may be familiar with using Radiesse as a filler, but thinned-out Radiesse can also be spread over a large area to smooth out skin concerns like wrinkles, cellulite, dimples, and older, crepey-looking skin.

We love Radiesse treatments for the neck – they can really make a difference! We can also use Radiesse to treat crepey skin on the arms, knees, elbows, decollete, thighs, and dimpling buttocks.

You will get some instant results from Radiesse, but the results will continue to improve over time. It may take a few sessions to get the results you want.

Kybella Treatments

Kybella is a fat-melting shot that can work wonders for double chins. It can also be used off-label to melt fat in other parts of the body. Some patients like to use it for the banana rolls under the butt, bra strap bulges, armpit bulges, or inner thighs. We can use it to treat fat in almost any area that does not have significant neurovascular bundles.

It may take 2-4 treatment sessions to get the results you want, but each session helps to melt and destroy unwanted fat. The great thing about this treatment is that the results can be permanent as long as you maintain your weight afterward with a healthy diet and exercise. Once the fat is gone, it’s gone!

Kybella is especially good for those stubborn areas of fat that you cannot treat with just diet and exercise. If you don’t want the downtime that comes with surgical liposuction, you might be interested in Kybella.

These are our top three treatments for summer, but they can be great options at any time of year, including in the fall and winter. If you’re interested in one or all of these treatments, request a consultation with Beauty Boost today.


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