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You can credit the Kardashians: Booty augmentation has become a major trend in the past few years. Many people have turned to surgery or extensive exercise regimes to build a more contoured backside. However, those choices aren’t for everyone and may not be the best methods to achieve the specific results you seek.

If you are looking for a nonsurgical treatment to achieve a plumper, rounder, or smoother butt, it’s time to get excited about booty boosts.

What is a Booty Boost?

A booty boost is a non-surgical treatment that can reduce the appearance of cellulite, increase the projection of the buttocks, or contour the hips to fill in hip dips. This butt injection treatment allows you to enjoy a more shapely posterior if you choose, without the risks of a Brazilian Butt Lift or other surgical procedures.

During a Booty Boost, the provider will inject Sculptra into the treatment area over 2-3 sessions to achieve the patient’s desired results. Over time, the Sculptra will stimulate the body’s own collagen production to create the augmented appearance the patient is looking for. The results are often more natural and subtle than from alternative butt augmentation treatments, especially since they grow over time.

Sculptra butt injections typically last 2-5 years. If you wish to keep your results longer, you can return later on for a follow-up appointment.

Are Sculptra Butt Injections Safe?

Sculptra butt filler is much safer than other popular buttocks enhancement treatments, especially those that require going under the knife. The risks are minimal as long as you are working with a qualified provider. Unlike with other filler treatments, you cannot dissolve Sculptra, but most patients are quite happy with their results.

Like other medical spa treatments, booty boosts should only be administered by a highly qualified and experienced professional with medical training, such as a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. Providers should have a deep understanding of anatomy to properly administer treatments.

Who is a Candidate for Sculptra Butt Injections?

Most people with healthy immune systems are good candidates for a Sculptra booty boost. There is minimal downtime, and side effects are generally limited to mild soreness for a few days after the injection. You can go back to most of your normal activities on the same day you get the procedure. As always, you should check with a medical professional who understands your medical history before receiving treatment.

Butt injections are an especially good option for patients who cannot or do not wish to undergo the liposuction required for a Brazillian Butt Lift. With fillers, the buttocks and hips can be enhanced regardless of whether the patient has fat that can be harvested in other parts of the body.

Where to Get a Booty Boost in Orange County

Beauty Boost Med Spa in Newport Beach provides booty boosts as well as many other nonsurgical treatments to suit your aesthetic goals. All treatments are safe, discreet, and carried out by the most qualified nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

We begin each treatment with an initial consultation in which the provider ask detailed questions and listens to fully understand your aesthetic goals. Then the provider will examine the treatment area to determine the best course of action and come up with a personalized treatment. Book your appointment today to get started on creating your ideal butt!


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