How Botox Can Rejuvenate Tired-Looking Eyes and Refresh Your Whole Appearance

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Do you feel like your eyes show your age? Dark circles, crow’s feet, and frown lines around the eyes can age your face even when the rest of your skin is wrinkle-free. Many of us feel insecure about the skin around our eyes, especially as we grow older.

If a little bit of concealer is no longer enough to refresh your appearance, you may be curious about eye rejuvenation treatments like under-eye fillers or Botox. Read on to find out if Botox is the right eye treatment for you!

Can Botox Help With Tired-Looking Eyes or Crow’s Feet? Botox Eye Results

Botox is now approved for frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet. Many patients have tried it and reported positive results. One study found that both physicians and patients noticed a significant reduction in wrinkles after Botox was injected in the lower eyelids and crow’s feet area.

If you feel that reduced wrinkles around your eyes would boost your confidence, you may be an excellent candidate for Botox treatments. We suggest you book a consultation with your favorite med spa provider to get an idea of how your Botox under-eye results could look.

Does Botox tighten the skin around your eyes?

Botox tightens sagging skin wherever it is injected, including around the eyes. It relaxes the nearby muscles, which helps to reduce and prevent wrinkles. The overall effect is to create the appearance of tighter, younger skin.

Can Botox open up your eyes?

Yes, Botox can open up your eyes to a degree. Botox injections in strategic places can relax the muscles between the brows, allowing the brows to lift up and open the eyes wider. The overall effect is tighter skin, elevated brows, and a more youthful eye appearance.

Can Botox lift your eyelids?

Not much. In some cases, Botox can lift the brows enough to somewhat relieve droopy lids, but a very minimal amount. Patients should have realistic expectations. It is an alternative for people who do not wish to have surgery, but they have to expect less results.

Does Botox reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes?

Botox doesn’t really help puffy undereyes. However, by smoothing the skin on other parts around the eyes, it can draw attention away and thus improve appearance under the eye.  If you have a shadow caused by lost volume, you may be a candidate for under eye dermal fillers, not Botox.

More Botox Eye FAQs

  • Is Botox safe to use around the eyes?

Botox injections are considered safe for most people. However, you should never get Botox injections from a nonmedical facility, especially when treating an area as sensitive as the skin around the eyes. Getting your injections from a highly trained medical provider is critical to ensure proper injection placement and procedures to avoid potential complications.

  • How much Botox do I need to achieve my desired eye results?

Botox treatments around the eyes generally require 12-24 units of Botox, depending on the specific treatment areas and desired results. However, individual people may need more or less Botox to see a change. Men often need more Botox units than women to achieve their aesthetic goals because they tend to have somewhat larger facial muscles.

  • How much does Botox eye treatment cost?

The cost of your Botox eye treatment depends mostly on the number of units you use. At Beauty Boost Med Spa, Botox costs $12/unit (as of this writing), including a complimentary 2-week follow-up appointment. Results typically take effect after a few days, with full results seen at 2 weeks, and lasts 3-4 months.

In Summary: Is Botox the right treatment to refresh my tired-looking eyes?

If you are curious about Botox or want to explore other under-eye treatment options, we recommend that you speak with a medical professional you trust. Botox can do a lot to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and get rid of sagging skin, but the best treatment option depends on your individual body, desired results, and any risk factors you may have.

At Beauty Boost Med Spa, we provide complimentary, no-obligation consultations at our Newport Beach medical spa location. The provider will examine your face, ask detailed questions about your desired outcomes, and listen carefully to your needs and wishes to come up with a personalized treatment plan. If you choose to move forward, we will administer a personalized Botox® Cosmetic treatment, which typically takes 15-30 minutes.


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