Small Doses, Big Results: Boost Your Neck With Microbotox

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So the skin on your neck is looking leathery these days, and horizontal lines are starting to pop up. What to do? If you’re looking to restore your skin to a more youthful appearance, you might be a great candidate for microbotox.

Microbotox can help you improve your skin texture, release fine lines, and get the smooth look you know you want. Just ask our patient from this short video — you’ll love her before and after!

Why We Love Microbotox

As we age, we can get “leathery” looking skin on our necks and other places, which causes those horizontal lines to really pop out. This is where microbotox saves the day. The safe, non-invasive treatment can do quite a bit to reduce those unwanted lines.

Microbotox relaxes the tiny muscles near the skin, which smoothes out pesky lines and improves your overall skin texture. The treatment can make your skin look smooth, delicate, lifted, and almost poreless. The skin in the treatment area will become noticeably tighter and more refined.

Just like with standard Botox, microbotox treatments use the botulinum toxin to limit nerve signals to the muscles in the treatment area, reducing wrinkle development. The difference is that with microbotox, the formulation is diluted and injected into the superficial area of the dermis. In other words, the injections are smaller and shallower than with standard Botox.

That difference means your provider will be able to avoid limiting your expressions and create subtler, more natural results. If you’re worried about Botox “freezing” your movements, microbotox is a great option.

Microbotox isn’t just for the neck. We can also use it in other areas, including in vertical chest lines caused by sleep and sun damage. It’s a great way to treat the more delicate facial muscles, such as the crow’s feet.

Microbotox + PRP Facials

Microbotox treatments pair especially well with PRP microneedling facials. These two treatments together help keep your skin looking flawless.

Microneedling with PRP is one of our most popular anti-aging treatments. In this procedure, we use a concentration of your plasma, or blood cells rich in growth factors, to accelerate skin healing and stimulate collagen.

During a PRP microneedling facial, we take a small tube of your blood and run it through a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets. We then inject the platelets into the treatment area to release growth factors that will stimulate the skin healing and reparation process. Your PRP facial is a great time to tack on a little microbotox!

What to Expect During Your Treatment

Most microbotox treatments take less than 30 minutes, although it depends on the size of the treatment area. There’s a reason Botox is called the “lunchtime procedure!” We offer numbing cream to make sure the treatment process is comfortable.

A microbotox neck treatment usually requires about 50 units, with costs varying depending on your provider. At Beauty Boost, we currently charge $500 for a skin boost with microbotox, or $225 if you bundle the treatment with a PRP facial. This price includes a 2-week follow-up.

You shouldn’t have any downtime after this treatment. You might have some temporary minor redness and bruising, but these side effects usually go away quickly.

Microbotox usually lasts about 3 months, depending on the patient and treatment area. After that, the skin will gradually return to how it looked before. If you want to maintain your results, you can get a touch-up treatment every 3-4 months or as needed.

Talk to a Beauty Boost Provider

At Beauty Boost Med Spa, we offer microbotox injections from the most qualified nurse practitioners and physician assistants at our Newport Beach location. Schedule a consultation today to discuss treatment options for your aesthetic goals.


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