Tech Neck Troubles? How to Finally Get Rid of Those Pesky Lines

The neck of a Lady | Get rid from Pesky Lines in Neck in Beauty Boost Med Spa at Newport Beach, CA

Grooves on your neck have never been groovy. Unfortunately, many of us today are getting deep grooves in our necks at young ages because we spend so much time looking at our phones and laptop screens. The natural aging process only adds to those annoying neck lines.

At some point, cleansers, serums, and moisturizers just aren’t enough to avoid those pesky neck lines. If you’re interested in getting rid of your visible neck lines, keep reading.

Why Your Neck Lines Won’t Go Away

Neck lines are caused by a combination of the natural aging process and our daily activities. Once they form, they rarely go away without a special procedure or treatment.

Think of your neck skin like a piece of paper. The more you fold and move it as you go about your daily activities, the more deeply embedded the lines become. The skin on the neck is very delicate, so many people start getting lines here before they see other signs of aging.

Treatments like skincare, sunscreen, neck exercises, and posture improvement are better for preventing neck lines in the first place than getting rid of them after they’re already there. If you really want your neck lines to go away and don’t want to undergo surgery, it’s time to set up a neck filler consultation with a medical spa like Beauty Boost.

Introducing: Neck Fillers

Neck fillers are one of the easiest ways to actually get rid of your neck lines and achieve the elegant neck you’ve been longing for. We often recommend this procedure to patients who want to eliminate wrinkles or decrease the visual effects of deep set lines on the neck.

Unlike surgery, neck fillers are a temporary, non-invasive procedure. There is minimal downtime and risk. However, you will eventually have to come back for a maintenance appointment if you want to keep your results.

Some patients also like to use Botox to reduce or eliminate neck wrinkles. We recommend that you talk with a medical professional to find out whether neck fillers or Botox make sense for you.

How Neck Fillers Get Rid of the Lines on Your Neck

Neck fillers plump up the skin of the neck, which effectively smooths out your neck surface and eliminates neck lines. They restore volume that has been lost with time and create the appearance of young, healthy skin.

During a neck filler procedure, your provider will numb the treatment area and then inject the filler material. They will carefully place just enough filler in the right areas to fill in the lines.

For ideal results, you will want to avoid looking down at your phone as much as possible in the days following treatment. This type of aftercare will help you get the most out of your treatment. Be aware you may need multiple treatments and not everyone is a candidate for this procedure, so feel free to book a consultation for your treatment!

Neck Filler Before and After Pics

Check out these real patient images to see the difference a little neck filler can make:

Before and After Treatment on Neck | Beauty Boost Med Spa in Newport Beach, CA Before and After Botox Treatment on Neck | Beauty Boost Med Spa in Newport Beach, CA Before and After Treatment on Neck | Beauty Boost Med Spa in Newport Beach, CA

Ready to Get Rid of Your Neck Lines?

Beauty Boost Med Spa in Newport Beach, CA provides neck fillers from the most qualified nurse practitioners and physician assistants. If you are ready to finally get rid of your tech neck or deep neck lines, get in touch with us today for a free consultation.


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