10 Reasons Why You Need a PRP Facial Right Now

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Not all facials are created equal. While some options are more relaxing than effective at improving your skin quality, there’s one facial that creates highly visible rejuvenation and skin health benefits: The microneedling PRP facial.

PRP supercharges your body’s natural healing processes to stimulate collagen production and regenerate new skin. The platelet-rich plasma comes from a tiny sample of your own blood, which the provider processes to concentrate the healing properties. They then place the plasma on the skin, and stamp it in with microneedling to stimulate healing. It’s a very safe and popular regenerative technique.

Here are just a few reasons why you’ll love PRP facials:

1. A PRP Facial Can Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles.

One of the top reasons why people seek out PRP microneedling facials is to reduce lines and wrinkles. The skin naturally responds to microinjuries from the treatment by tightening up, which often eliminates or softens fine lines. As the PRP boosts collagen and elastin production, hollow areas of the face are plumped up, leading to an even more rejuvenated appearance.

2. You Can Improve Acne Scars and Other Damage.

PRP together with microneedling encourages your body to jumpstart the healing process. The damaged skin is recycled, and the new skin that is regenerated often shows reduced or eliminated scarring.

3. A PRP Facial Can Reduce Broken Capillaries.

PRP microneedling facials can be an effective way to treat small broken capillaries. The microneedling can break up any issues beneath the skin surface and induce your body to finally heal in the target area.

4. A PRP Facial Creates an Overall Healthier Glow.

After a PRP facial, your skin will develop a beautiful, luminous quality. The new skin that regenerates after the procedure will have a healthy glow that will make all your friends jealous.

5. Your Skin Tone Will Even Out, Including Sun Spots.

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A PRP microneedling facial causes your body to expedite cell turnover and show a fresh layer of skin. You will be amazed by how much the new cells improve the overall appearance of your skin and skin tone.

6. Your Pores Will Shrink.

Microneedling with PRP can lead to smaller pore sizes and a smoother complexion. You may not see a visible change in this area right away, but you will likely see a reduction in pore size over time.

7. Post-PRP Facial Skin Texture is Smoother and Firmer.

PRP stimulates collagen and elastin, both of which are essential for smooth, firm skin. Collagen plumps up the skin, so it can repair textured skin to give a smoother, facetuned-like complexion over time.

8. There is Little to No Downtime.

Most of us don’t have weeks to wait until we recover from an anti-aging treatment. Thankfully, a PRP facial doesn’t require significant downtime. You may experience redness for five to seven days after your treatment, but it shouldn’t interfere with your regular activities.

9. A PRP Facial Produces Relatively Fast Results, Plus Continued Improvement.

You will notice improvements in your skin texture within four weeks after treatment. Better yet, your skin appearance will continue to improve in the following weeks. With subsequent treatment sessions, you can see even more dramatic improvements in the appearance of pores, acne scars, and keloid scars, among other skin concerns.

10. The Results from a PRP Facial Last a Long Time.

Some anti-aging treatments only last a few weeks, but PRP lasts much longer than that. Some patients are able to keep their youthful results for a year, although most people need bi-yearly maintenance to maintain their desired appearance in the long run. You may need multiple treatment sessions initially, but once you achieve your ideal results, they will stay for quite a while.

Ready for a customized PRP facial with microneedling? Contact Beauty Boost Med Spa today. We provide complimentary consultations to discuss your options and help you find out whether this is the right facial treatment for you.


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