FAQ: Can You Mix Fillers in Your Face?

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Can I use different fillers or is it better to stay with the same filler throughout my face? What if I get a chin boost with one type of filler and then I want to add a different filler in the same place a few months later?

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We get these types of questions all the time at Beauty Boost Med Spa!

Here is your guide for mixing fillers in your face.

Most dermal fillers are composed of hyaluronic acid, including the Juvederm and Restylane family of fillers: Vollure, Voluma, Volbella, and Restylane Lyft, Refyne, and Defyne. It’s okay to layer and make hybrids of these fillers because they are all composed of the same base material.

With other dermal fillers, you have to be more careful. Fillers with different bases act and perform differently, and they may not mix together as well as you hope. You can still use them in different areas of your face, though.

Radiesse, for example, is a calcium-based dermal filler, so you probably don’t want to mix it with Juvederm or Restylane. We suggest putting it in a different area of your face from your hyaluronic acid filler(s).

For example, let’s say you’re interested in cheek filler and you recently used Voluma in your chin. It’s perfectly fine to use Voluma in your cheeks as well or even layer it with Juvederm Ultra or Ultra Plus. What you don’t want to do is use Radiesse for more chin enhancement since it might conflict with the existing hyaluronic-acid based filler.

We’d like to emphasize the importance of discussing any prior treatments you have had with your aesthetic treatment provider. It’s all about staying safe and giving you the best results! Knowing which treatments you’ve had and how your body reacted will help us create a customized treatment plan and minimize any risks or complications.

If you’re not sure whether you can mix the fillers you want, you can always ask your injector. At Beauty Boost, we provide a complementary, no-obligation consultation that includes a comprehensive facial analysis for prospective patients at our Newport Beach medical spa to help answer any and all cosmetic injection questions or concerns.

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